Please Note: Due to personal issues, I am unable to take on work at this time. This is a side/passion gig for me so when times get bumpy I have to cut it.

Crafting furniture and general carpentry work could quite possibly be the world’s second and third oldest professions.  Through the millennia; woodwrights, carpenters, jointers, cabinetmakers and countless other craftsmen honed the techniques and tools that put food on their tables and kept a roof over their heads.

With the advent of modern machinery around the turn of the 20th Century many of these techniques were lost in the rush to mass production of furniture that is neither cheaper nor more durable than what can be produced in a proper woodworking shop.

My work with furniture and the techniques I study for general carpentry seek to bring those techniques and practices that built chairs, tables and even homes that have stood for centuries back.

Growing up on a farm in beautiful Carroll County, Iowa, I learned the values of honesty, hard work and doing the job right the first time.  Nowhere is that more important than in crafting furniture where doing the job wrong can lead to wasted time at best and costly repairs at worst.

If you’re in the Waukee, Clive, West Des Moines, Urbandale area and you need anything done around the home or furniture to make your home feel like home, give me a call and I’ll walk you through what I can do and find a price that works for both of us!