Deep Thoughts

In the beginning…

The first post of a new blog is intimidating. You don’t have a routine down, you don’t have old articles to build off and you feel the pressing need to do better than Shakespeare.

Kinda like building stuff.

Hell, I’m 20-odd projects into what I hope is a long career and I still get paralyzed with fear before starting a new project. “Can’t screw up”, “other people will have better ideas than me”, “I can’t possibly make anything interesting and unique.”

Well, you know what: I can and that’s ok, they will and that’s ok, and I’m dead wrong.

Since I started woodworking about 18 months ago I’ve made tons of things that, while I can see where’s I do it differently, they’re all still interesting to me. From my first coffee table held together using pocket screws to the tv Stand I just built using no glue or screws, each piece is some small part of where I was at in my career then.

So I’ll be here, sharing what I can so that you can stop saying: “nah, I could never do that because………”


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