Over the years, I’ve made dozens of pieces of furniture. Sadly, most of the pictures surrounding those are lost to history. So, while I rebuild my inventory of pictures, some of these may be pictures of pieces similar to what I’ve made in the past, furniture I can make and some will be my actual work.

This and it’s twin are my new nightstands.
Carving highlighted with burn engraving.
It’s a TABLE!
Love fascinating grain.
Replacing the old florescent fixture with a board from my family farm.
Shoe bench made for a friend to replace flat pack failure.
No glue, no screw TV stand I made, stained to mimic old-growth/just plain old pine trim in my parent’s old farm house.
Keepsake box made with some gorgeous poplar that had some standout grain.
Did some light chip carving inside the lid to the Keepsake Box and burning inside the lid to commemorate my lovely lady friend.
Solid single board cutting board. Shaped the handle to fit better when I grab the board, made from Maple and will last for a long time.
Finished to look like old growth step stool, this one is as study as gorgeous. Joints are locked in using glue and pegs to ensure the piece remains sturdy for decades of use.
Not everything I do needs complex joinery. This one used some pallet wood and plywood to create a gorgeous sign of Iowa, my home state.